Start a Saree business

Saree business is one of the high demanding business in India all time. Saree business has lot of potential to grow. Saree business considered as evergreen business saree pattern main change sari designs may change but demand for saree will never change.

There are large variety of sarees in India. So before starting your saree business make sure that are you selling specific types of saree or selling all type of sarees. Some saree store cell only silk sarees nothing else. Women want to buy silk saree they prefer the shop we selling only silk sarees not all type of sarees. Hence important to decide what type of saree shop your planning to open.

Before finalize location for your saree shop, you need to research and make sure that the place is best to open a saree shop otherwise you main difficulty to get customer for your shop.

An other risk free way of starting a saree business is operating your shop from home in that way you don’t have to pay rent and advance to your shop. You can operate your sorry shop from your home once you get considerable amount of customers then you can move your saree shop from your home to new location.

It is important to set a competitive price for your sarees, in this digital world customer can easily find out the saree price from other sources. If they find your charging more than the price of other places that will discourage your customer from buying. Hence, always try to set very very competitive price for your saree.

Marketing your saree business is most critical and crucial phase of your business startup. You have to spend minimum 15 to 20% of your investment on marketing activities.

It is critical to game online presence of your saree shop for successful business. Increasing online visibility Bell make customer to find your saree shop easily online. This will definitely increase customer footfall.

Try to develop your saree shop as a brand in your locality. Promote what is the one unique saree your selling from your shop which is not available in any other shops even in online.

It is very important to have a website for your saree shop. If you have a website for your saree shop, you can showcase your new collections of sarees, display catalogues, showcase currently running offers and deals in your saree shop. If you want you can sell your sarees online as well.

Building a online reputation is very important to grow your saree business. Ask your positive customer to write a review on Google, Facebook and JustDial.

Create a Google my business page for your saree business. Google my business page will help you to get more customer by showing your shop when people search saree shop near me.