Business Booster

Attract and Retain your customers

Lead Routers helps businesses by attracting and capturing leads, streamline communications by email and text, collect payments, and gather feedback and reviews all through one platform.

Online Presence

From websites to local listings, mobile apps to social media, there are lots of ways to be found online. We help our customers to build a web presence.

Online Reputation

People rely online search to find products and services when they need them. Online reputation evoke positive feelings and opinions about your business.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive tasks in just minutes with simple forms to capture new leads, assign tasks, and send emails that turn your leads into paying customers.

We help you to bring your business online

Create a business website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.

The greatest all-in-one platform for local Businesses

LR Listings
  • Improve Online Presence and Rank Higher on Search Engines
  • Improve your local visibility
  • Create your brand awareness
  • Strengthen Your Business Reputation
LR Web Apps
  • User-friendly, simple interface
  • Integration with CRM
  • Good Landing Pages
  • Lead Nurturing Capabilities
  • Insightful analytics
LR Marketplace
  • A Huge Potential for Sales
  • No need to worry about IT and Infrastructure
  • Sell Your Product Without Marketing
  • Unsolicited Referrals
LR Leads
  • Lead capturing
  • Lead enrichment & tracking
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead distribution
  • Lead nurturing
LR Landing Pages
  • Compelling headline
  • Engaging Images & Videos
  • Trust indicators
  • Lead capture form
  • Strong call-to-action
LR Referrals
  • Centralized Referral Dashboard
  • Automated Feedback Loop
  • Automating the ask for a referral
  • Aligning rewards and incentives
  • Powerful integrations and workflows
LR Partners
  • Recruit Resellers, Dealers, Distributors
  • Onboard your Business Partners
  • Manage your Business Partners
  • Monitor your Business Partners

Lead Routers Built for Small Businesses

Accounting firms

Take your accounting firm to the top. Get more new clients.

Dental Clinics

We help you to run a successful Dental Practice.

Pest control

Easily grow your Pest Control Business in your area.

Law firms

Take your accounting firm to the top. Get more new clients.

Interior Designers

We help you to run a successful Dental Practice.

Home Inspectors

Easily grow your Home Inspections Business in your area.