12 Ways to Increase Online Sales

All type of online businesses want to increase their sales. No matter your selling a product on Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal or selling your product on your own online website portal ultimate goal is to sell more and more products online. You are the few tips to increase your sales online.

1. Always provide accurate information: It is always good to be honest with customer no need to give false information say a friend the pros and cons of your product so that customer can trust on you.

2. Use add extension effectively when you are using PPC campaign: In google ads campaig add extensions are good to target specific audience you can let your audience whom this product suits best.

3. Use your customer reviews effectively: You should show off your customer testimonials, reviews and ratings and front of new prospects to convert them as a customer. Nowadays people consider reviews and ratings seriously before trusting any products online.

4. Increase the sense of urgency: You need to make customer hacked fast, do not let them think too long they may change their mind. Create a sense of urgency so that they can buy your product quickly. You need to create a scarcity to act them urgently.

5. If possible offer money back guarantee: To gain the confidence of a customer you can offer money back guarantee wearable it’s possible. Money back guarantee gives customers a risk free confidence. Which makes them to buy the product without any second thought.

6. Always give Limited options: If you give many choices to a customer this will increase the buying process. Hands always offer very few choices for customer so that they can make decision quickly if you offer more and more products and similar category puts customer into confusion state. Limited choices always make them to decide quickly

7. Always target like minded people: Once you identify what kind of and customer best suits your product always try to find same like minded audience on Facebook by running a targeted Facebook campaign this will increase online sales.

8 Make your checkout process as simple as possible: Most of the online shopping was abandoned due to inconvenient checkout process. So make your online portal check out process short and simple.

9 provide multiple payment options: Many customer always loves to make payment with their preferred payment options they want to buy a product on cash on delivery, some people want to use their PayPal account to make a payment, some people they want to use payumoney, PayTM in that matter. Providing wide range of payment option definitely going to increase online sales.

10. Make sure that you use high quality product images: As you know you cannot feel the product on online sales however customer want to see the product clearly before they buy online. And providing high quality product images will definitely increase the online sales

11 Avoid landing pages on product listing page: Ideally product listing page should contain add to cart button. Other than this don’t give any card of a landing page call to action. This will definitely distract the customer and delay the buying process.

12. Use Gmail ads: You can try Gmail ads to promote your products online. Google’s effective algorithms can target specific audience to display the ads on Gmail. Sometimes this strategy will work on certain products.