Legal procedures to start a business in Bangalore India

Starting a business in Bangalore is bit easy compared to any other cities in India. Before operating any new business you must register a company. In Bangalore you can register company in different types such as sole proprietorship, partnership firm, private limited company, LLP, single owner company.

You should consult good auditor to open a company in Bangalore. Good business consultant will guide you all process. If you want to start a company as a proprietor, just you need to register for GST. Once you get the GST number, you can open current account in bank.

Opening a private limited company in Bangalore is bit long process compared to opening a proprietorship firm. In order to open a private limited company you should be having two directors. The director should get digital certificates. Consult a good auditing form to open a private limited company for you in Bangalore.

Opening private limited company in Bangalore may take 10 to 15 days. Once your company is registered as a private limited you can open a current account and any of your favourite Bank and start your business operations.

It is very important to create a website for your new company. Bangalore is a Silicon Valley of India and most of the customer find their services and products online. To run a successful business in Bangalore you should have solid online presence.