Featuring these fabulous creative entrepreneurs
The Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit features these amazing speakers. You’ll learn loads from their insights, personal stories, and tips!

Andrea J. Lee is a visionary business and life coach who guides exceptional clients to the success they seek, while championing them to become more and more uniquely themselves.
Her coaching is said to be a blend of tenderness and bite unlike any other, and one of her most celebrated abilities is coining you a metaphor that’s so unexpected it slips under the radar of your biggest blocks. Expect to shorten your learning curve by months, and if you’re willing, even years.

CEO of Thought Partners International, Andrea’s consulting firm is one of the most-trusted brands in the coaching and self-help marketplaces and serves as creative partner to thought leaders representing the best in entertainment, politics, academia, therapy, philanthropy, spirituality and more.

Website: http://www.andreajlee.com

Chris Guillebeau travels the world and writes for a small army of remarkable people at chrisguillebeau.com. For more than a decade he has modeled the proven definition of an entrepreneur: “someone who will work 24 hours a day for themselves to avoid working one hour a day for someone else.” From 2002-2006, Chris also served as a volunteer executive for a medical charity in West Africa before returning to the U.S. and starting the blog The Art of Non-Conformity. When not roaming the world on a quest to visit every country (151 down, 41 to go), Chris lives in Portland, Oregon.

Danielle LaPorte is the outspoken creator of WhiteHotTruth.com, which has been called “the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality.” She is the author of The Fire Starter Sessions: A Digital Experience for Entrepreneurs, and works 1-on-1 with entrepreneurs who want to rock their career while making a difference in the world. An inspirational speaker, and lead author of Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design, she has been featured in Elle, Body + Soul, Vogue Australia, Better Homes & Gardens, Globe & Mail, The National Post, The Huffington Post, Entertainment Tonight, and most recently USAToday and BusinessWeek.com. Danielle was a news show commentator for CBC, and is a former director of a Washington-DC think tank, where she managed a team of analysts studying global trends for the likes of the Pentagon and the World Bank. Based in Vancouver, BC, she’s working on her next book for Random House, the “life edition” of The Fire Starter Sessions.

Your host for this event
Jennifer Lee, author of The Right-Brain Business Plan, is a certified coach, writer, artist, yogini, and the founder of Artizen Coaching. Before pursuing her own passions full-time, she consulted for ten years for companies such as Gap Inc., Accenture, Sony, and HP, helping leaders and organizations manage change. Now she is on a mission to empower people to awaken their innate creativity and make a living doing what they love. When she’s not coaching, writing, or leading groups, she’s either painting up a storm, reading in her hammock, practicing yoga, making arts and crafts, Instagramming on her iPhone, or indulging in a midday nap (one of the fabulous perks of being self-employed).

Julie Stuart is a creative facilitator of insights galore. Strategist. Truth-teller. Visionary. Maker of visual maps. Enabler of creativity. Idea generator. Marker sniffing High Priestess.
She helps her clients see the crucial elements of their terrain in large-scale Technicolor visual maps: the challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses so they can plot their course ahead. Think of her as a coach with markers.

Julie was featured in the Harvard Business Review last September. Her clients range from individual creative entrepreneur small businesses to companies such as Accenture and GE Energy to organizations like the American Institute for Architects and the CDC.

Website: http://www.makingideasvisible.com/

Kimberly Wilson is a teacher, writer, do-gooder, entrepreneur, and eco-fashion designer currently obsessed with Paris, potbelly pigs, and all things sparkly. She is the creative director and founder of Tranquil Space – named among the top 25 yoga studios in the world by Travel + Leisure, author of Hip Tranquil chick and Tranquilista, and holds a Master’s in Women’s Studies.
When not bookstore browsing, you’ll find her sipping heaps of tea, crafting new designs for TranquiliT, or leading retreats. Her work has been featured on Martha Stewart Living Radio, in Daily Candy, Fit Yoga, US News and various books. With a passion for do-gooding, Kimberly launched Tranquil Space Foundation to bring yoga, creativity, and leadership to women and girls and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Social Work.

She lives in a cozy raspberry-colored flat in Washington, D.C. with two fancy felines named after French impressionists, a supportive beau, and a sassy black pug. Indulge in musings on tranquilology through her blog and podcast, tranquility du jour. Learn more at kimberlywilson.com.

Leonie Allan is the creator of www.GoddessGuidebook.com, a popular creativity & spirituality blog for women. If you want to know more about Leonie, this sums it up: Four years ago, she was working as a public servant in an office in a very cold city. At night time and on weekends, she painted and wrote and planned women’s retreats. She dreamed of one day being a full time goddess & leaving the city. She devised a Very Good Plan: she realised was very very good at being an artist and a hippy and a goddess – she had spent years honing those muscles. What she needed to do instead was to grow some buff business muscles. So that’s what she did.
Leonie now lives in a mermaid’s cottage in tropical paradise. Her and her hunky Scorpio lover are stay-at-home parents to their daughter Ostara & she’s finally a full time goddess. Finally! The job she was born to do.

In the past 4 years, Leonie has also: helped over 2500 women discover the goddess inside them, appeared in 3 best-selling books & 8 magazines, has created 300 artworks, 3 creative e-courses, 4 meditation kits, 2 workbooks & her crowning glory – an online Goddess Circle – a sanctuary for over 500 creative, spiritual women from around the globe.

Website: http://www.GoddessGuidebook.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GoddessLeonie

Laura Hollick is an award winning artist and shaman. She is the creator of Soul Art studio a business devoted to guiding and inspiring people to connect with their creative spirit and express it in their life and business.
BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life-Laura Hollick’. She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle’.

Laura’s creative vision and insights have been exhibited around the world. She was nominated for ‘Woman of Distinction in the Arts’ for her Soul Art work. Experience your own Soul Art journey!

Website: http://www.soulartstudio.com

Laura West is a multi-six figure Success Coach and Founder of the Center for Joyful Business and JoyfulBusiness.com. As a certified business coach, author and speaker, she has helped thousands of women entrepreneurs create a successful business filled with spirit, authenticity and prosperity. Ms. West is the author of several books and products, including The Business Goddess’s Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages and the popular Joyful Business Guide™, a creative marketing plan for your business using law of attraction principles. She is also author of the upcoming book, Awakening Your Inner Business Goddess. Ms West attracts thousands of amazingly creative and committed business owners to her teleclasses, programs, retreats, products and workshops from all around the world.

Lisa Sonora Beam is the author of The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real, an award-winning book about creativity and business that has helped thousands of readers make the connection between creativity and right livlihood.
She is also a creativity and business strategist to coaches, artists and business owners who want to make a living doing what they love, while also making a difference. She is an artist with an MBA and draws on her experience as a psychotherapist, creative director and business strategist to help her clients get the outer results they seek by addressing the inner stuff that sometimes gets in the way.

Website: http://www.thecreativeentrepreneur.biz

Pam Slim is a seasoned business coach, author and professional speaker who helps frustrated employees in corporate jobs break out and start their own business. Her blog, Escape from Cubicle Nation, is one of the top career and marketing blogs on the web. A former corporate manager and entrepreneur herself for more than a decade, she deeply understands the questions and concerns faced by first-time entrepreneurs. Her expertise in personal and business change was developed through many years consulting inside corporations such as Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard and Charles Schwab, where she coached thousands of executives, managers and employees.
Pam’s book Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur was named Best Small Business/Entrepreneur Book of 2009 by 800CEORead and Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice for Best Small Business Books of 2009 from Small Business Trends. Pam is frequently quoted as an expert on entrepreneurship in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Money Magazine and Psychology Today. Pam is certified as a master life coach. She is married with three kids and lives in Mesa, Arizona.

Todd Henry Todd Henry
Todd Henry is the founder of Accidental Creative, a consultancy that helps creative people and teams generate brilliant ideas. He regularly speaks and consults with companies, both large and small, about how to develop practices and systems that lead to everyday brilliance.
Todd recently completed his first book, The Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice. It’s set for release in July 2011 through Portfolio.

He currently resides in Cincinnati, OH with his wife Rachel and their three children (8, 6, 4).

Amy Egenberger
Amy Egenberger is an inspired artist, educator and certified life coach. She leads her own professional coaching business called Spirit Out! helping dozens of people tune into their inner wisdom and ratchet up their creative power to design and experience true success.
Teachers, artists, and community leaders seek out her guidance and teaching to move forward along their own creative path. An educator for over twenty years, she is passionate about playful reflective practice as a means to real growth, learning and unleashed creativity, including her own. Amy lives in Minneapolis and enjoys writing, designing, painting and making way for all sorts of creative action!

Websites: http://www.spiritout.com and http://www.amyegenberger.com

Kate Prentiss is an art director, designer + illustrator who runs a multi-disciplinary design studio called Kate Prentiss design. She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs attract their perfect clientele through artful branding + products that really show their unique, individual offerings.
She can’t remember a time when art and creativity were not a huge part of her life, but she bravely made the leap from the corporate design world where she worked for Wired Magazine, Gump’s, Red Envelope and others in 2006. The value of creating work for herself and clients in her own unique way, with her own creative rhythm is something that she is grateful for everyday.

Kate’s creative toolbox also includes: letterpress design, screen printing, felting, knitting, sewing + good coffee. She is currently working on her biggest creative endeavor yet… a baby girl due in August.

Websites: http://www.kateprentiss.com and http://www.kissthepaper.com

Kristina Ender
Kristina Ender is a coach, creative, and adventurer embracing life outside the box and helping others do the same.
She works with professionals seeking a more meaningful and fulfilling and entrepreneurs seeking to make their grand vision of life their reality.

She began fully living outside the box in 2004 when she left the corporate world to craft her idea of a balanced life. While her professional career was rewarding she yearned to create a life and business grounded in her drive for helping others live passionate, creative, and productive lives. Finding her balance has involved personally exploring coaching, body work, creativity, and productivity. This is the unique blend her clients experience when they engage with her.

She’s joyfully married to a man who exceeds her own sense of adventure and together they enjoy traveling, camping, canoeing, and trips with no destination. Her creative passions include fusing glass, mosaic, collage and repurposing no-longer-loved bowling balls.

Website: http://www.endwellcoaching.com

Michelle Ward
Michelle Ward, aka The When I Grow Up Coach, has worked with over 100 creative types to devise the career they think they can’t have – or discover it to begin with! A musical theater actress with her BFA from NYU/ & a certified life coach, Michelle has served as an expert source and contributor for such outlets as Newsweek, Etsy, and Psychology Today, as well as leading a workshop at the sold-out Etsy Success Symposium and a seminars at the upcoming SXSW conference. She encourages everyone to claim their uniquity via The Declaration of You, an e-course with Jessica Swift, and could be found coachin’, bloggin’ & givin’ away free stuff at whenigrowupcoach.com.

Tori Deaux
As Ringmistress of CircusSerene.com, Tori Deaux helps bootstrapping Quirkipreneurs turn creative chaos into success via original, witty and wacky approaches to business. Her own Right Brain Business Plan has taken on a life of its own and become somewhat of a celebrity, known as “Emmit, The Clown Nosed Business Advisor”. (How’s that for wacky?)
You’re invited to join Tori & Emmit for a ringside seat at http://www.CircusSerene.com, or to just hang out with her on Twitter (@ToriDeaux). Oh, and she’d like you to kneaux her name is pronounced just like “doe”.

Violette Clark
I am a mixed media artist, author, designer, workshop instructor and creative catalyst. I create whimsical and inspirational collages. I live in beautiful B.C. Canada with my partner Mr. G.
My first book “Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash your inner Eccentric” is all about Visual Journaling. My passion is to teach others to embrace who they are through the vehicle of their creativity. I do this mainly through classes on Visual Journaling (among other mixed media projects), in my online classes and in my blog. My home, glittery van and art have been featured on numerous TV shows including Weird Homes.

Website: http://www.violette.ca