Top 10 Best ways to Increase sales on Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce India. There are thousands of individual sellers sell the product on Amazon, there’s so many similar product being sold on Amazon there is a huge competition to increase the sales. There are many strategies you need to follow to increase the sales on Amazon.

1. You need to do your competitive analysis, you should understand what is the price for competitive is selling on Amazon you need to close the monitor your computer to understand how people are reviewing their products how people are asking questions about their products and how they are answering how they are uploading the images how they are writing the products descriptions. You can also monitor your competitors stock, so that you can take advantage if they run out of stock.

2. Make your product price is very competitive. Today is consumer always looking to save money, if he is trying to buy buy products online because you want to save money. If you give very competitive price definitely he is going to buy a product otherwise he will end up buying your competitor product

3. Selling online means you have to do lot of things on the site same way you have to do lot of work on Amazon seller portal you need to list your product into catalog when you need to set a correct price. Hence, automate few things like listing your products maybe you arriving a large number of products so automated tools can easily let you to publish all your products quickly.

4. If possible use Amazon fulfillment service (FBA), FBA is designed to make selling easier just you need to send in inventory to Amazon amazon will keep your inventory when someone says your product Amazon deliver says as soon as possible because Amazon has that product handy. One more advantage is people will buy product and believe that product which is fulfilled by Amazon. Usually amazon FBA products ships more quicker than third party shipment. There is no doubt you can sell well if you use Amazon fulfillment service.

5. Do on page Optimization on Amazon. Like Google, amazon also ranks which listings which is optimized for keyboard. If you are able to rank your product you are ahead of your competitor. You can sell more. You need to include your product description very well written color, size and quantity information. Make sure that your product has at least 500 words of description.

6. Do remember online sales influenced by customer feedback and reviews. Only unsatisfied customer write negative reviews by them self. For positive customer you have to request them to write a review that will increase your ratings. If your product rating is increases automatically your product sales also will be increased.

7. Do you know you can place your products top of the list by opting for amazon sponsored ad. By using Amazon paid ads you can increase the sales of your new products until it gets good recolonization and good reviews and ratings from the customers.

8. Remember Indian customers always looking for offers discounts. If you want to sell your product quickly offer some discount, you can also offer buy one get one free if you are able to offer. You can also sell combo packs, it means you are clubbing two products into one.

9. You should participate in product promotions. Frequently Amazon runs promotional activities such as great Indian shopping. What is faith in the sky of a promotion activity, include your products in lightning deals. This will definitely increase your sales on Amazon.

10. If your selling a product which should be used every month, you can offer a subscription for your customers. You can give discount if customer of for 1 year subscription to buy your product every month. In this way you are selling a product one year in advance.